We are documentary filmmakers who live in Paris and work together since 2003.
Anke Zeugner, from Berlin, born in the 1970s, grew up in East Germany before the wall came down, studied biochemistry in Berlin and Paris.
Adrian Ruchwald, born in Bucarest, obtained a law degree in Tel-Aviv, followed by film and media studies in Paris.
Old project
Habait Haisraeli was Adrian's attempt to modernize a cultural centre that belongs to the Israeli Consulate, and to make it a happier place for meetings and Israeli culture, unique in Paris. For the first time ever, Habait Haisraeli got a defined concept, with a modern up-to-date look, attracting a new public of young Israelis and their friends. Inspired by the contemporary art scene of Israel, we organised video projections that were accompanied by exhibits of Israeli comics, electronic music and a bar serving Israeli beer and bamba (see slide show here). Adrian built a collection of hebrew novels, unique in Paris. You can see here the reproduction of the web site that Anke made at the time (French and Hebrew versions), it is no longer on the web. We used almost no budget (as our aim was to help Israel in that period of crisis) and won the support of a few volunteers and donors. In 2005, the number of visitors started to exceed the capacity of the centre's rooms - when Adrian was obliged to quit his art director chair in the Israeli Embassy... Read good-bye letters...