• Sorbonne Off Limits
    2006 / 6 min / DV / French

    Paris in spring 2006. The Sorbonne neighborhood in the heart of the capital changes in a surprising way. Set out to capture this aspect of the social crisis omitted by the media, the filmmakers found themselves confronted with an ambient hostility to filming.

    Festivals 2007
    Festival européen des 4 écrans, Paris
    Off-Courts, Trouville-sur-Mer, France
    Apero Shortz, Divan du Monde, Paris

    Broadcast on local Paris TV in 2007
    Screenings at Cinema L'Etoile, La Courneuve, in 2009-2010

  • Those Who Walk
    2006 / 7 min / DV / French

    Those who walked the streets of Paris mourning a young Jewish man who was tortured and murdered in Paris in winter 2006; comments by Pierre-André Taguieff


  • Adath Shalom, une communauté de bâtisseurs
    2008 / 20 min / DV / French

    Documentary film produced for Adath Shalom, the Jewish conservative community of Paris


  • Anti-boycott video campaign appealing to students, produced for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, an international human rights organisation:

    Committed to boycotting Israel? (Video 1)
    2009 / 0:54 min / DV / English


  • Committed to boycotting Israel? (Video 2)
    2009 / 1:02 min / DV / English

  • French Museum of Urban Transports, Colombes
    2007 / 2:35 min / DV / French

    Reportage for a local Paris TV station, airing since June 2007


  • Mr Scroobius Pip: "I'm not a terrorist"
    2007 / 3:33 min / DV / English

    Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip preaching Thou Shalt Always Kill. Filmed in the Citroën municipal parc of Paris during the open air music festival Sous La Plage in summer 2007. Featuring Paris chic and an exclusive interview with the artists.


  • Gala event at Ranelagh Theatre, Paris
    2011 / 4 min / DV / French

    Video produced for the Ecole Juive Moderne, Paris.


  • A synagogue in between Byzantium and Zion
    2011 / 4:30 min / DV / French

    Dominique Jarrassé on the architecture of the Boulogne synagogue. Reportage produced for the Jewish cultural organisation of Boulogne-Billancourt.


  • Ze World Is Beautiful
    2007 / 0:28 min / DV

    le monde est beau... die Welt ist schön...
    A Happy New Year 2008 from Anke and Adrian


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