habait haisraeli events 2005
and good-bye letters
Thank you for your help.
Pity we havn't met.
See you in Israel.
Keep in touch
Chicky Roy Arad

Hello Adrian !
It sounds really sad.
I hope you are well !
Let me know how things are going for you and if there's anything I can do for you.
Elyasaf Kowner

Dear Adarian,
I was truly sorry to hear you will not be staying at your present position. Being a relatively small Israeli Cultural Organization and as a school, we did not miss your significant contribution to the import of Israeli culture to Paris. It was always nice and efficient to work with you, and we appreciate the fact, that during your 2 years of activity you have chosen to screen our films.
We wish you the very best of success in the future, and hope to be able to work with you again,
With Warm Regards,

Dear Adrian,
I was sorry to hear that you will not continue with Habit Haisraeli.
I am also leaving Ma'ale after 7 beautiful years, in order to promote my new distribution buisness. I am distributing independent films of Ma'ale graduates and other filmmakers and will keep working at Ma'ale in special projects.
Please keep in touch for future cooperation, and good luck with your new way.
My new email is:
Best regards,
Hedva Goldschmidt

David/Adrian hi
Sorry you got terminated at the Consulat, sounds like it's a loss for us. I understand you never got my package, sorry I didn't get to send you another. Keep in touch, perhaps we'll get to cooperate somewhere else sometime.
Amitai Sandy,
Dimona Comix Group

Hi Adrian,
What will happen after you leave "Habait HaIsraeli"? Will the embassy close it down?

אהלן אדריאן,
קראתי את האימייל שלך על עזיבתך
למרות שלא יצא לי להגיע בתקופה האחרונה לבית הישראלי, אני מצטערת שאתה עוזב. זה הפסד לקהילה הישראלית הצעירה של פריס
אני מאחלת לך הצלחה רבה במקום החדש, ושיהנו ממך שם לפחות כמונו

Hello Adrian;
Thanx 4 your Good Bye me. U may not remember me BUT I do remember U: on December 2003, U found my telephone # & called me, when I was staying in paris, ... after I had signed @ BeitIsrael Paris... but only gave my husband's cell-phone # !! ... U wanted 2 know if I was still interested 2 be on your mailing list & I was! A little (or a lot:-) surprised by your initiative, I asked U if U were a Mossad specialist & U said... "Masheu kaze" !!!
Unfortunatly, I could not enjoy all the wonderful opportunities @ BeitIsrael Paris 4 my husband & I left France, 2 come 2 leave & work in Miami, Florida... Previously, we had lived 4 4 years in Philadelphia (PA) where I enjoyed ABait AIsraeli alot!
But I always kept your mels in a special file = TODA RABA ! & KOL AKAVOD 4 YOUR MIFAL HAIM!
I guess u're leaving this place 4 an important position [will it be in Singapore - Nouakchott - Caracas or ... tt simplement les USA] & I WISH U ALL THE BEST & BEATSLAHA!
If u ever come 2 Miami & want 2 visit the Magic City, feel free 2 contact me: I'll give u a tour of ALL THE WONDERFUL ART DECO TREASURES, which I'm sure u'll appreciate!
Have u heard about the BERLIN Exhibition on ISRAELI ART, w/ the TEMPLE (COPPER) SCROLL among the famous exhibits???!!! Go visit it if u're still in the EU... & tell me how it was!

Dear Adrian Ruchwald
I am sorry to hear that your contract won't be renewed and after a positive and productive work you did in behafe of the Ambassy you won't continue with it few more years. Don't forget that every end has a new begining and your work will be allways remembered
As for knowing you and the Bait Haisraeli just since October 2004 i can say that you did really wonderfull things such as orgenising the Movies projection and bringing as you said a new young approche to the Israelis that lives in Paris
Take care in what ever you do and good luck in what ever you choose to do

Dear Adrian,
I hope you will continu doing things that like in a new context,
Lots of luck!

Salut Adrian,
Je viens d'apprendre que tu quittais le consulat. Est-ce que tu restes à Paris ou tu retournes en Israël ? Si tu restes à Paris, as-tu trouvé un autre job ? Si tu en cherches un tu peux me contacter par mail.
A bientôt
Kol tuv

Thank you and Good luck for your future experiences

that's a shame
are you going to israel now?
what will happen with all the books?

From: Adm-sec -
Hi Adrien
C'est vraiment dommage que tu ne restes pas parmi nous car tu as vraiment fait du bon boulot.
See you soon

Hello Adrian,
That's a pity to hear that you will leave the Israeli house. I think you've done a great job in setting-up (from almost zero) a real young, Israeli cultural activity in Paris. I really hope that you'll manage to maintain this elsewhere, outside of the embassy 'umbrella'.
I know that there are plenty of people (as you proved), including me, that are looking to keep in contact with an up-to-date Israeli culture.
hope to see you soon,

Toda Adrian and congratulations for the great job that you did

dear Adrian,
Im SO sorry you wont be continuing with the bait israeli!!! I really enjoyed going to those events and watching good Israeli films (strangely, something I never did when I lived in Israel). People always laugh when I would tell them I have never watched as many Israeli films as I have since I have moved to Paris.
Thank you for working so hard and getting the Parisian Israelis together.
Best wishes for the future,

From: Inon Elroy [E…@israeltrade.gov.il]
Good luck,
Inon elroy

שלום אדריאן
למרות שהשתתפתי במעט אירועים
רציתי לומר לך תודה

Thank you for your work, Adrian! The few things I saw where really fine, and I hope that the center will continue. Maybe the ambassy should make you a new contract?
Anyway, good luck,

Good luck and bravo for your achievements !!!
You made a change,

you did a great job ! thanks for everything!

Kol Akavod
I will personally regrete your depature.

Hi Adrian,
I want to congratulate you for all the things you did. Not only for the quality of the events you organized but also to have built a cheerful place where it was always an opportunity to meet new interesting people.
Many thanks and good luck!
All the best,

c'est dommage!! est ce qu'il n y aurai plus des soirées comme ça à la maison france israel ou est-ce qu tu as un remplaçant?

Bonjour Adrian,
C'est avec regret que j'apprends qu'Israël perd un bon élément comme vous à Paris.
Je n'ai pas réellement profité de l'étendu de vos activités, faute de temps (je suis israëlien en France depuis 13 ans). Néanmoins, j'admets avoir constaté rapidement votre dynamisme et volonté de vivifier la vie des israéliens à Paris ainsi que leur image. Un vent branché de Tel-Aviv a soufflé grâce à vous durant deux ans à Paris.
Bon courage pour la suite de votre parcours.

Hi Adrian,
will anybody occupe your place in the future ?
I have a project to create a website for the israeli news here in Paris, is it possible to know more about you, and the person who take your responsibilities?
when are you going back to Israel ?
Thank you for replying, see you++

salut Adrian,
j'ai recu ton mail pour l'ambassade. Alors qu'est ce que tu vas faire ? tu restes a paris ? j'espere avoir de tes nouvelles. Moi tout va tres bien, je suis en dea de droit international et en janvier je commence lecole du barreau
peut etre a bientot alors

hey adrian im realy sorry to hear abt it i know how important it was for you.anyway good luck in yr way.
p.c dont forget to tire the check i gave u for the library. pashut tykraa oto:)
good luck.

very sorry that you are leaving. You did a lot for the community. Wish you all the best

it is very sad you defenetly did a good job keep in tuch

Hi Adrian,
i just read your goodbye message and i can't believe it that they won't renew your contract!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fucking bastards... it's really unfair. and i'm revolted. i didn't know about that whole thing.... aren't you allowed to stay at the Embassy for 5 years???
i'm at work right now and will be there till the evening but i'll call you tonight. until then, bye and keep the faith (in something else...?)
dash to Anke

What a pitty... What you accomplished is really impressive!
Is then habaithaisraeli going to be closed?
Take care,

Bonjour Adrian,
Je te félicite pour tout le travail que tu as accompli et toutes tes initiatives si intéressantes. J'ai eu l'occasion de venir à une ou deux soirées projections que tu avais organisées et j'ai passé de très agréables moments.
Je te souhaite un très bel avenir dans tes prochaines fonctions. As-tu trouvé un emploi? dans quelle société?
A bientôt,

Comme c'est dommage, c'était une belle aventure !
Et qu'est-ce que tu vas faire après ? Tu rentres en Israël ?
A bientôt peut-être,

goodbye adrian & thanks for all.

Hello Adrian,
It's such a shame you have to stop it!!!
You did a Great job, and I really appreciated to meet you and to come to Habait Haisraeli. It was such a nice place with such nice people and such nice events!
What are you going to do now? Staying in France or going back to Israel?
I plan to do my Alyah and I'm quite often to Tel Aviv, it would be nice to see you here or in Israel again.
Let's keep in touch,

Salut Adrien,
Je ne savais pas que ta mission s'arrêtait
En tout cas je suis très contente de t'avoir connu.
C'était une très bonne ambiance
Bonne chance

hi adrian!
yout contract is finished! too bad. u did a very good job, and i enjoyed coming to the evenings there. hard to believe that they will continue.... but may be....
anyway, lets keep in touch.
good luck (what are your plans?)
hi to your girlfriend

Hi Adrian
We are very sad that your contract won't be renew. And bait israeli or not , we will be very happy to see you again. I don't know if you have our phone:
home and cellular:
See u soon

salut adrien,
I was in Israel when i got your message. You did a great job for Habait Haisraeli. I only came twice but I saw what you did. First time I went in March 2003 and the second for the exibition of the famous israeli cartoonist. I am planning to do my Aliah soon
See you later

Hello adrian.
I am sorry that you have to quit the Bait –Israeli.
You found me ,I don’t know how- but you did , after two years that I am in paris ,I didn’t have any contact with israelis in paris before . here I found good people, a warm ambient ,nices evenings ,a lot of culture , interesting modern cinema –moovies a little place to feel at home and friends .
Thank you for your usefull project ,and warm reception.
Keep in touch